Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jacob Bogatin: Good Children of the World

International Public Movement "Good Children of the World"'s mission is to provide general education institutions - participants in the movement and those who wish to join this project - effective support in this critical area of ​​educational work and to offer practical technology of a healthy lifestyle and as Jacob Bogatin confirms - school positive prevention of bad habits.

The first draft of the motion - "Festival of good deeds", supported by the 2008-2009 school year, schools in 36 regions of Russia - showed positive results, causing, according to Jacob Bogatin and teachers, "significant changes in the behavior of students in relation to other people and kids" (data from the study conducted by the Laboratory of Social Partnership MAM technology in May 2009: participated in the survey 6861 and 592 student teachers).

We hope that the new design movement - "Healthy Generation" - will also have a positive impact on the overall level of health culture in school and in society at large.

The program specified by Jacob Bogatin involves teachers in learning rejuvenating procedure, and students of all ages and physical abilities in exciting events, contests and events centered around the central theme of the project - the theme of healthy lifestyles. The program covers a wide range of issues of interest and concern to today's students.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jacob Bogatin: Healthy Children

According to Jacob Bogatin the major direction of educational work in an educational institution - the formation in schoolchildren a healthy lifestyle, of values ​​related to health and his associates.

According to leading researchers of child health around the world have developed adverse trends that define the negative physical, mental and moral condition of children and adolescents. Despite considerable efforts aimed at solving this problem, in Russia there is a clear trend toward worsening health of the younger generation, which already leads to an overall reduction in the capacity of national health.

Only by combining the efforts of all stakeholders and Jacob Bogatin - teachers and doctors, psychologists and parents, leaders of children's movements and scientists, government officials and business people - we can help the school implement the pedagogy of health - a real, live, interesting and useful to all participants of school life.

And experts and educators, and organizers say the school education of the growing need for effective technologies aimed at developing school values ​​and healthy lifestyles.

The state recently has actualized the question of the physical development of children and adolescents. Priority is given to children's sports, but much attention is paid to the system of physical education at school. In Russia, the draft "Concept of development of youth sport in 2009-2015.." State plans for several years to strengthen physical education and actively create a healthy lifestyle of children, adolescents and young adults. One of the objectives of the concept - the optimization of physical education in schools. And it is especially important as Jacob Bogatin suggests, to change the whole approach to healthy living: physical education should be a requirement of the person - an adult and a child.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Get your health and looks together

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Make the most of your health regimen

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Enjoy better health with qualified help

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jacob Bogatin: Robert Koch - Part 3

On March 24, 1882 Koch announced that he was able to identify the bacterium causing tuberculosis. Jacob Bogatin confirms that the publications of Robert Koch on tuberculosis have been identified for the first time the principles that later became known as Koch's postulates, the so-called "triad of Koch":

• This bacterium is present in this disease,
• obtain a pure culture of the microbe,
• experimental result using a pure culture of the same disease.

These principles are still theoretical foundations of medical microbiology.
The study by Koch tuberculosis was interrupted when he was under orders of the German government as part of a scientific expedition went to Egypt and India to establish the cause of the mass of cholera. Working in India, Koch isolated the microbe that causes the disease.
In 1885, Koch became a professor at the University of Berlin and director of the Institute of Hygiene. At the same time he continued to tuberculosis research, focusing on finding ways to treat this disease. In 1890, Koch identified the so-called tuberculin (sterile fluid containing a substance produced by the bacillus of tuberculosis during growth) that cause allergic reactions in patients with tuberculosis. Tuberculin did not apply to treatment of tuberculosis, since therapeutic effects are not possessed. It was found that the tuberculin skin test can be used in the diagnosis of tuberculosis.
According to Jacob Bogatin this discovery, which played an important role in the fight against tuberculosis in cattle was the main reason for awarding the Robert Koch in 1905, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. In his Nobel lecture, Koch said that if the look once the path, "which passed in recent years to combat this widespread disease such as tuberculosis, we can not but conclude that here was the first important steps."
In 1893 Berlin was shocked by the scandal. According to Jacob Bogatin Professor Koch was 50 at that time divorces his wife and married a young actress Hedwig Freiburg.
People who know little about Koch, often considered him suspicious, and unsociable, but friends and colleagues knew him as kind and sympathetic person. Koch was an avid admirer of Goethe and chess player.
Robert Koch died in Baden-Baden from a heart attack May 27, 1910.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yakov Bogatin: How to deal with depression

Again, not enough sleep, the morning quarreled with wife, the chief refused to pay raises, and then there's mother-in-law pesters advice ... difficulties at work, with family discord, traffic jams, bad weather - and now life is not a pleasant experience anymore!

According to Yakov Bogatin depression creeps imperceptibly, gradually painting the world in blacks. At first it seems that just a little overworked, that tomorrow a bad mood like a hand lift. But as time goes on, and the quagmire hopelessness tightens deeper. Gradually increasing the total apathy of everything when you do not want anything to do neither, neither think nor feel. Plus, this is often added to the general weakness, headaches, heart and other organs, and, increasingly, there is a desire at once to end this existence. The most common such disrepair can get only with medical advice.

"The age of melancholy" - so dubbed our time idle doctors. Indeed, Yakov Bogatin confirms that depression has become perhaps the most common disease of mankind. The reasons for this and stressful pace of modern life, and constant pressure information, and lack of personal space ... It is not accidental victims of depression tend to become residents of large cities, with more women than men, and knowledge workers often movers and plumbers.

Causes of depression and how to fight it

How to do it? And how to deal with depression, if it does you caught up? Here are a few simple rules from Yakov Bogatin:
Get enough sleep. Usually, depression is accompanied by insomnia. Dream - the best healer. Going to bed, have a well-ventilated bedroom, and if possible leave a window open. This will ensure an adequate supply of fresh air, but then you wake and wake up fresher longer.

In a healthy body - healthy mind. Exercise. Even the usual morning exercises can work wonders, good and proven way to combat the impending depression. Just select a set of exercises that have participated in all muscle groups. Help provide jogging, swimming, bicycling and horseback riding, even walking. And if you are regularly used to maintain good form, but now try to do a complete physical exhaustion. Yakov Bogatin says that this is a nice way to relieve emotional stress.

Alternate the mental work and physical activity. In this sense, reasonable, in a fun, work at the dacha - a panacea for citizens. The sky is blue, the air is fresh, green shoots from the ground punching, muscle ache a little pleasure from a half-hour orudovaniya shovel ... No Depression, because life is ever good!